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Top Five Vacation Destinations

Omaha, NE

My top five favorites

1. Cannes, France

2. Singapore, Singapore

3. New York, NY

4. San Juan, PR

5. Toyko, Japan

Top Five Local Vacations

Omaha, NE

My top five favorites

1. Okoboji, IA

2. Branson, Missouri

3. Chicago, IL

4. Kansas City, Missouri

5. Aspen, Colorado

Weekend Getaway: New York, NY

New York, NY

New York City for a weekend? Sure, with direct flights to Newark NJ, you can fly catch a broadway show. If your traveling on shoestring budget consider staying New Jersey across the river and a short train ride.

New York, NY Photo by Mckee

This fall: Chrysanthemum Show

 Kenefick Park

This park displays two of Union Pacific's greatest locomotives. Rising about the Lauritzen Gardens property, the park features several plazas, a grand staircase and displays that tell the story of Union Pacific's development.


Staff Photo

Featured destination: Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Omaha, if you like travel but don't know a foreign language fear no more you can enjoy the Orient without learning Mandarin. Singapore is beautiful far off destination who's primary language is English. This city has is all, and all within a cab ride of your hotel or the beach. The shopping in Singapore is nothing short of world glass with all the major brands you love plus great local taylors. This Island retreat is on the South China Sea and is one of the world busiest ports that never sleeps.


Staff photo

Local Destinations:


Lauritzen Gardens  

Life is always a bed of roses, daylilies or maybe even prairie grass at the $16.6 million Lauritzen Gardens – Omaha's Botanical Center. The center dazzles visitors with its 100- acre display of foliage, flowers and fruits from plants around the world. Its five-story Floral Display Hall features a cathedral-like ceiling rising 65 feet toward the heavens. The center sports an Arrival Garden, Arboretum/Bird Sanctuary, Rose Garden, Song-of-the-Meadowlark Meadow, Victorian Garden, Woodland Garden and Japanese Garden. The center holds many events during the year, including festivals and an antique show. If you love art, you'll enjoy the art displays throughout the seasons.

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