Omaha, NE
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Top Five Destinations

Omaha, NE

My top five favorites

1. Cannes, France

2. Singapore, Singapore

3 . New York, NY

4. San Juan, PR

5. Toyko, Japan

Weekend Getaway: New York, NY

New York, NY

New York City for a weekend? Sure, with direct flights to Newark NJ, you can fly catch a broadway show . If your traveling on shoestring budget consider staying New Jersey across the river and a short train ride.

New York, NYPhoto by Mckee


Photo by Schutte

Featured destination: New York City, NY

New York, New York

Omaha, if you like travel but don't have a lot of time to be a world traveler, then you can experience the world in NYC. New York has world class Sports, Museums and Parks. Visiting Yankee Stadium should be your priority before they tear it down. One of the greatest Museums in New York is the American Museum of Natural History if you want to see it all you need to plan for a full day. My favorite is the Hayden Planetium, this new addition to the musem is the most advanced planetariums in the world today. When the hustle of the city is making wish for home go see Central Park. Central Park use to have a bad reputation for crime, but this is much improved and now is host to plays, concerts and the weekend softball game.


Photo by Schutte

Get a direct flight into Newark, NJ. and you can be in NYC in about two hours on your way to world class shopping and musicals. For weekend vacation you can't find a better destination, but if you want to really enjoy the city take at least a week.

Rockefeller-CenterPhoto by Schutte

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